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Voyager Electric Bike

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The Halo Ring Interface includes all the necessary information, so throw away the handbook. Your handlebars' LED light rings transmit all the information you want within eyeshot, keeping your attention fixed on the road in front of you.

Look down at your left handlebar halo ring to see how much battery life remains. You can see your current speed and the position of the power assist lever on the right halo ring.

While you're moving, mount your phone on the handlebars. As you bike, keep an eye on your speed, time, and distance. You can also review your ride history to see how many kilometres you covered that month. Here, you may also keep your phone fully charged.

Using our Lock, you only need to tap your toe to lock your bike.
And your bike unlocks itself when you're ready to ride it again.

Your riding experience will be the smoothest and quietest thanks to the intuitive power systems of the E-shifter, torque sensor, and Gen 5 Motor.

We have developed industry-first clever shifting utilizing our brand-new torque sensor. When you need it, the Gen 5 E-shifter transitions between the gears smoothly in response to how you ride.

You might wish to continue riding after the sun sets. And you can because of our long-range battery.

To keep your bike out of the shop and on the road, we incorporated all the wiring, locking, and lighting inside the cycle. All parts are high-quality and low-maintenance.

If your locked bike is tampered with, the integrated security system goes into action. It immediately locks down and sends off the alarm to prevent unauthorised usage.



Range: 37 miles (on full power mode) - 93 miles (on economy power mode)
Capacity: 487 Wh

Charging time
0-100% charge in 6 hours and 30 minutes
0-50% charge in 2 hours and 30 minutes

Assist speed
US: 20 mph
Boost torque: 68 Nm

Lock with active-retract pin
Integrated Theft Defense
Automatic Rider Recognition
Manual disarm with backup code
Anti-theft nuts and bolts
GPS and Bluetooth location tracking

Weight: 50.7 lbs