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Tube Bands

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The Tube Bands are adaptable mobility bands manufactured from latex-based elastic with textured-grip handles on both ends, available in three different color-coded resistance variations. Each resistance band has a base length of 48" and increases resistance steadily as it is stretched.

These Tube Bands are well-made, easily portable, and suitable for the gym or home usage. Any athlete may add a meaningful, tailored resistance aspect to endless strength and mobility training routines, from rows and presses to bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder raises, and more, by selecting the correct size band for their training goals.



Made from Durable Latex-Based Elastic
Elastic Length: 48"
Length from end to end: Approx. 65"
Textured Grip Handles - 5" Long, ¼" thick, 1-5/16" OD
3 Different Resistance Options: Ranging from Light to over 60 LBS of resistance with the Heavy Tube Band