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Adjustable Bench

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The Adjustable Bench is a heavy-duty bench with 50+ seats and back-pad configuration options, each with different utility in either the incline or decline position.

The Adjustable Bench is a robust yet moveable design made of 11-gauge steel suitable for dynamic training or gyms with several athletes. The spine's structure enables the installation of a new foot catch system, which uses a simple pop-pin to secure its position. The foot catch prepares the user for various exercises, including decline bench, decline dumbbell press, and decline sit-ups.

The Adjustable Bench also comes with load-bearing rubber feet for stability, Abrasion-resistant edges for added durability and a handy handle and wheels for easy transportation.


What Sets The Adjustable Bench Apart?

Multiple Settings, Many Angle
With many back pads and seat configurations, the AB-3 provides more customizable options than any other Adjustable Bench. Unlike a traditional bench, athletes may utilize it in an inclined or declined posture at each seat position, with an optional foot catch assembly allowing for motions like the decline bench, decline dumbbell press, and decline sit-ups.

High-Quality Construction
These heavy-duty components are made of 11-gauge steel, 2x2" and 2x3", with a black powder coat finish and Cordura borders for added durability. Standard features include
2) a 12-inch broad back cushion,
1) detachable foot catch assembly, and
3) load-bearing rubber feet to promote stability and preserve your flooring.
The small form offers a manageable footprint, and caster wheels are included for simple movement.



Includes Decline Bench feature

6 Adjustable Seat Settings

9 Adjustable Back Pad Settings

Weight: 117LB

Length (with bench flat): 68"

Pad Width: 12"

Height: 18"

Steel: 2x2" and 2x3" 11-Gauge Steel