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Arm Blaster

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The Arm Blaster is a simple gadget constructed of 0.25" thick laser-cut shaped metal worn around the neck while doing biceps curls. By keeping the arms close against the body throughout the exercise, the Arm Blaster encourages good form while isolating the biceps, boosting the workout's strength-building effects.

The Arm Blaster was an ingenious technique to keep your arms from flaring out during heavyweight curls, putting all the tension and force onto your biceps muscles.

This arm blaster follows the same basic premise as the previous one, but with improved contemporary construction. The product is now available in three different configurations:

Black Anodized Finish + Leather Strap

Black Anodized Finish + Nylon Strap

Medium Gloss Black Powder Coat Finish + Nylon Strap



0.25" thick laser-cut formed aluminum plate
Choice of Black Anodized Finish or Medium Gloss Black Powder Coat
Length: 24"
Width: 4.5" (Depth)
Height: 4"
Adjustable Neck Strap