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BarbellĀ Grip is a military-grade, high-density material that can turn any ordinary barbell into an axle bar in seconds (thick bar). They also work with most dumbbells, pull-up bars, and cable attachments, increasing the thickness for a more intense arm and grip strength workout. Fat Grip holds to the bar like a clamp and won't compress - even while deadlifting heavy loads.

Athletes and military personnel worldwide are embracing thick bar training, and Barbell Grip's lightweight, portable design allows them to reap the benefits of an axle bar wherever they go.Ā 


Sold as a set of two
In seconds, transform conventional barbells and pull-up bars into axle bars (thick bars). Barbell Grip wide bar training targets your body's weak links, increasing muscle activation and giving you more strength and bulk.
Barbell Grip may be added to almost any barbell, dumbbell, chin-up bar, or cable attachment in seconds, making the bar more than twice as thick.
The grip's bar will not collapse under stress thanks to a military-grade high-density material.
Increased hand and arm strength will aid Olympic lifts, farmers' walks, pull-ups, and anything else you can grab.
Unlike an entire axle bar, Barbell Grip packs easily into your gym baggage for vacation.