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Curl Bar

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The Curl Bar is wholly machined and has many of the same features as our standard Bar, such as bronze bushings, a snap ring construction, and our signature knurl pattern. The bends in the shaft help prevent stress on the wrists and reduce frequent injury concerns, which is why many athletes benefit from this sort of specialist camber bar. Lifters may also use the Curl Bar with a tight grip to do tricep extensions and close grip curls.

The Curl Bar's initial run has an E-coat finish with bright zinc sleeves. The 1.96" diameter sleeves are compatible with most conventional Olympic plates; however, this Bar is not trackable because of the 31.50" distance between the sleeves.


What Sets Our Curl Bar Apart?

1. Knurled Barbell
For years, seasoned, beginning, and rehabilitating athletes have relied on the curved shaft of the conventional Curl Bar to prevent wrist strain during high-rep exercises. The Curl Bar improves on this concept by combining parts from our top-of-the-line Olympic weightlifting bars to produce higher-quality equipment. This features our Regular Bar's unique non-abrasive knurl design, which has been battle-tested at the highest levels of sport for years.

2. E-Coat Finish
A black "E-coat" is applied to the Curl Bar's shaft. E-coating was initially designed for the automobile industry because of its exceptional coverage, adhesion, and corrosion resistance. E-coating produces a smooth, uniform surface free of dripping, pooling, and gaps. It has a nice appearance but is also durable, uniform, and chip-resistant.

3. Solid Construction
The 28.5MM bar is carefully bent to the highest standards from steel with a tensile strength of 110,000 PSI. Bronze bushings provide a smooth feel as bearing surfaces between the bar sleeves and shaft.

4. Close Grip Knurling
The Curl Bar's knurling extends to the inside of the Close Grip part of the shaft, allowing for more demanding tricep extensions, close grip curls, and other activities. Narrow grip barbell curls may help you better target the biceps' long (outside) head.