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Dumbbell Bumpers

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The Cylindrical Dumbbell Bumpers, designed for use with our Loadable Dumbbells, come in different weight increments, each measuring the same in diameter. This design enables athletes to add additional weight to their workouts while preserving a standard dumbbell's compact appearance and feel.

While various Olympic plate choices are compatible with Pumped's Loadable Dumbbells, our customized Dumbbell Bumpers provide a new potential for more concentrated weight distribution and simpler handling. Each Dumbbell Plate is made with the same care and attention to detail as our full-size Training Plates.

The Dumbbell Bumpers can be utilized with our Barbell to provide the advantages of conventional fixed bar training in a more compact package.


Features of Pumped Dumbbell Bumpers

Same Diameter, More Weight
Adding these plates is the only way to maximize the use of your Loadable Dumbbell. The Dumbbell Bumper's cylindrical design ensures that each weight increase has the same diameter, making the dumbbell considerably more compact and realistic feeling.

High-Quality Construction
The usual full-size Training Plates are effectively compressed into Dumbbell Bumpers. Long-term durability is ensured by the sturdy chrome-plated insert and high-quality rubber construction.


Additional Specifications:

Bumper-Cylinders for Loadable Dumbbells

Durometer: 88

Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%

Diameter: 230MM / 9.1”

Collar Opening: 50.8mm

Chrome-Plated Hub

Plate Sizes & Thickness

10LB (Black) - 33MM

15LB (Black) - 45MM

25LB (Green) - 120MM

35LB (Yellow) - 150MM

45LB (Blue) - 150MM

55LB (Red) - 150MM