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Arm Sleeve Series 2

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For riders seeking the least amount of padding and reinforcement with the maximum levels of comfort, compression, and ventilation, this is the Arm Sleeve. The Sleeve comfort pads have been preshaped to provide further flexibility and range of movement. The silicon strips at the top and bottom of the Sleeve comfort pads enable a precise and secure fit even during challenging riding circumstances. The cushions are thin, and the sleeves offer the best ventilation and moisture management due to the perforated fabric intended to improve airflow—ideal for extended bike rides or when you want extra cushioning without paying the price.



Low profile Sleeve comfort pads
Reinforced fabric outside elbow
A fabric arm that has ventilation
For a snug and pressure-free fit, lightweight compression fabric used.
There is a silicone strip at the top and bottom to stay in place.
Perforated for optimum ventilation and moisture control