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  • foam box 30 (76.2CM)
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Foam Box

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The Foam Box is a budget-friendly, rotational plyo box with the same 3-in-1 adaptability, including height possibilities of 30", 24", and 20". The design features an EVA foam core, a soft PVC shell for secure footing and reduced injury risk, and three sides with plainly printed height markings.

These boxes aren't as heavy as a standard Foam Box (around 58 LBS), but they're still quite transportable and stackable.

IMPORTANT: Do not use foam boxes on smooth flooring (wood, smooth concrete, tile, etc.). We highly advises athletes to test the unit's stability before each use.



Foam Jump Box / Plyo Box
EVA Foam Core
PVC Cover
Jump Height Options: 20", 24", 30" (50.8CM, 61CM, 76.2CM)
Weight: 41 LB (18.6 KG)
Applications: Box Jumps, Step Ups, Dips, Incline / Decline Push-Ups, etc