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Foam Rollers

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The Foam Rollers have a 6" diameter and come in two lengths (18" and 36"). The Roller comes in various colors and is composed of high-quality expanded polypropylene foam (EPP). This long-lasting substance creates a massaging roller that keeps its shape and provides consistent deep tissue massage, allowing athletes to heal faster and return to the gym sooner.

As athletes, coaches, and trainers have long understood, a good foam roller can do much more than relieve a persistent muscle knot. When practised before an exercise, during recovery, or in free time throughout the day, a self-myofascial release may enhance flexibility and balance, remove long-term muscular discomfort and adhesions, and lower the chance of more severe injuries.


Extremely Durable Construction

High-quality expanded polypropylene foam makes up the Foam Roller (EPP). This firm material generates a massage roller that maintains its form and delivers constant deep tissue treatment, helping athletes recuperate quicker and return to the gym sooner.


Two Length Options

We've all tried using a little roller on a broad region, such as the back, or a large roller on more minor trigger points with mixed results. This may do more damage than good in some instances, so Foam Rollers are available in two sizes: a 3-foot wide-spectrum type and a more compact 18-inch model, giving you the leverage and control you need to target the muscle groups you desire. Both sizes are very lightweight, portable, and easy to store.



Sold Individually
Molded EPP Foam Construction
Diameter: 6" (15.2CM)
Length: 18" or 36" (+/- 1") (45.7CM or 91.4CM)