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Fold Back Power Rack

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The Fold Back Power Rack is the most space-saving and uncompromising Fold Back Power Rack available. This complete wall-mounted device has (4) 90" Uprights and a 30" internal depth, as well as a pair of 30" Strap Safeties that come included with all orders. The rack's movable panels may now be folded flat over each other thanks to the new hinge and tiny cross-member design, freeing up extra wall space for additional storage, mountable accessories, and henceforth.

The training experience—whether as a squat stand, pull-up station, or power rack—is far ahead of those of lighter retractable units built of thinner steel because it uses a complete set of (4) 3x3" 11-gauge steel uprights with protective UHMW feet. A handy Quick-Attach Pull-Up Bar, a pair of J-Cups, and all necessary hardware for setup are included with each rack.

The device will only extend 6.5" off the mounting surface when both panels are folded inward. When the panels are folded outward against the Wall, this shrinks to less than 5".


What makes the Fold Back Power Rack different?

1. Space Efficiency
Detent pins are included to quickly lock the rack into either an open or a closed position. With a new and better hinge and mini-cross member design, the two panels may now be folded entirely, freeing up extra wall space for other accessories and storage. When folded inward, the rack extends just 6.5" from the mounting surface, allowing you to have a full-size power rack in your garage without parking your car on the street at night.

2. Size & Safety
This is a complete power rack with (4) 90" Uprights, unlike most wall-mounted setups. Each device has a pair of 30" Strap Safeties and a 30" inner depth. The Strap provides significant advantages to the user, as they may now bench within the rack with increased safety and protection in the event of a botched lift.

3. Heavy-Gauge Steel and Hardware
Heavy-duty 11 gauge 3x3" square laser-cut steel uprights with 5/8" diameter SAE grade 5 bolt hardware are used in making the Power Rack. Laser-cut holes enhance the unit's long-term endurance and a high-quality powder-coat finish.

5. Easy Installation
A Quick-Attach Pull-Up Bar, (4) mounting brackets for installation, Plus all required hardware, a pair of J-cups, and (4) detent pins are included with each device. With two holes in the middle, you may attach the swing arms in various ways, which is helpful if you require foundation clearance.


Retractable Full-Size Power Rack
(4) Uprights: 3x3" 11-gauge steel, 90" height
Total Rack Height: 90.375"
Inside Depth: 30"
Length 45"
Width 56.25"
Weight: 330 LBS
30" Strap Safeties
(1) J-Cups
(4) Mounting Brackets
(4) 5/8" x 5" Detent Pins
(1) Quick-attach Pull-Up Bar - 85.375" height
(2) 5/8" x 4" Hitchpins w/ Lanyard for locking in Pull-Up Bar
(4) UHMW Plastic Caps to protect the floor
All Required Hardware Included