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Gymnastics Grips

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The Gymnastics Grips are a tried-and-true accessory for safeguarding your hands during high-rep pull-ups, kettlebell swings, toes-to-bar, and various other palm-damaging exercises. We've incorporated textured leather on both sides to prevent slipping and a handy hook-and-loop strap for a bespoke, comfortable fit in this second-generation version. Grey is the color of the new grips. They come in three different sizes.


A Necessity

Gymnastics Grips are thin, lightweight, resilient, and adaptable, fitting into the tiniest compartment of a gym bag or a back jeans pocket. With three sizes, a gym can easily stock up on excellent grab-and-go grips for any athlete.

It's simple to turn on and off and always ready.
These Gymnastics Grips enable athletes to swivel the grip parts around to the back of their hands when they aren't using them. To ensure a secure fit, twist the grips and re-enter your fingers into the finger holes.

Stability and high-quality construction
These Grips are crafted of textured leather and are 2.5" in width. This helps avoid bunching and slippage during high-rep exercises by ensuring a steady, tight grip throughout various motions. The design also includes two precision-cut finger holes and a hook-and-loop strap for a bespoke, secure fit.

For as long as pull-ups have been, athletes have suffered from ripped-up hands due to high-rep training. Minor injuries might keep you away from the gym for up to a week while they recover. This is why adding gymnastics Grips to your workout may provide not just basic hand protection but also more productive time in the gym‚ÄĒand more significant outcomes over time.



Width: 2.5" (6.35 cm)

Length: Varies based on size (See sizing chart)

Color: Gray

Adjustable hook and loop strap

Applications: Avoid tearing up your hands on high rep WODs, pull-ups, kettlebells & dumbbell swings. Healthy hands = longer workouts.