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Loadable Dumbbells

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Compatible with standard Olympic plates as well as dumbbell bumper plates.

The Loadable Dumbbell is made of stainless steel and has the same unique matte black sleeve finish as our Bar. Instead of coating the steel, this innovative finishing method alters the surface, considerably boosting the sleeves' long-term corrosion resistance and color persistence.

A 25mm diameter handle, bronze bushings, and a snap-ring design are included. The collars are 5" apart and have an innovative knurl design for a solid yet non-abrasive grip.

This variant is offered separately and provides gym owners with a customizable and space-saving alternative to keeping a complete set of standard DBs. The barbell-style construction lets the user make the same personalized weight modifications using any standard Olympic plates or our Dumbbell Bumpers, thanks to the 4" loadable sleeve length (sold separately).

Note: Our Collars may be used with the Loadable Dumbbell (which you can select manually).


Features of Our Loadable Dumbbells

1. Loadable Construction
It includes 4" of loadable sleeve length, similar to a barbell-dumbbell hybrid, enabling athletes to quickly alter the weight of a single DB using the same standard Olympic plates they'd load on a bar.  This makes the Loadable Dumbbell ideal for a bigger gym (where numerous athletes can easily adjust the dumbbell to their demands) or a modest home gym.

2. Finishing The Sleeve
The Dumbbells' sleeves go through a process that changes the surface of the steel rather than coating it. Corrosion, impact, and abrasion resistance are considerably improved as a result. Furthermore, the color spreads underneath the steel's surface. As a result, unlike sleeves with surface treatments, these sleeves keep their lovely matte black look even after lengthy usage.

3. Mix & Match With Our Dumbbell Bumpers
While our Loadable Dumbbells work with any standard-size Olympic plate, we also offer our range of Rogue Dumbbell Bumper designed exclusively for use with our Loadable Dumbbells. These tiny plates, with a universal diameter of 230mm, produce a more centred weight distribution, making them appear more akin to a typical dumbbell. Rogue Dumbbell Bumpers are available for purchase individually on their page.

4. Collars Are Available As An Options
At an extra expense, customers may add a set of Rogue Collars to their purchase. These unique collars are high-grade metal and have a rubberized internal liner to protect the dumbbell. Grey is an option.