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Men's Base Layer Series 2

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The Series 2 Base Layers are true all-season clothing and have positive benefits on circulation and overall health thanks to their special ceramic fibres.

Nylon, spandex, and polyester microfibers attached to bio-ceramic mineral crystals are used to create this product. Far infrared rays, an unseen portion of the light spectrum that the bio ceramic emits, are used to give these benefits.

The fabric acts as a heat barrier by reflecting the sun's scorching rays in hot weather. Thanks to this unique technology that lowers the fabric's surface temperature, you can stay relaxed and comfortable.

Body temperature may be maintained even in frigid situations thanks to the Series 2 Base Layers' excellent heat-insulating qualities. The spandex in the mixture helps make a form-fitting garment, which is made up of four panels to mould to the body's contours.


Bio ceramic fabric technology
Beneficial effects on circulation and well-being
True all-season base layer