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Men's Base Layer - Wool

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A thin Merino wool mix that offers all the advantages of this natural material in a conventional, fashionable, and multipurpose base layer.

Merino wool, nylon, and spandex are combined to create a fabric that makes up this base layer. Merino wool, which makes up most of the material, provides the unique attributes that no other material can match: it is very breathable, moves moisture away from the body, and has outstanding insulating capabilities even when wet. Unique to wool, synthetic fibers make the fabric supple and help it retain a modern fit. Wool can trap innumerable pockets of air to create a microclimate of warmth.



A base layer for riding in chilly condition
Synthetics added to merino wool for elasticity and durability.
Insulates while controlling moisture and odour.
Maintains warmth even in the presence of wetness.