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  • multi-grip bar close-up

Multi-Bar Grip

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With (1) pair of internal angled handles, (2) sets of vertical neutral-grip handles, and 14" of loadable sleeve length, the Knurled Multi-Grip Bar is a flexible hybrid heavy-duty bar. The knurled handles, which are spaced 10", 20", and 28.5" apart, allow an athlete to move from a closed grip to a wider grasp readily. For curls or an "elbows-in" bench press, the Bar may be twisted 180 degrees to reverse the angle of the inner handles.

The Multi-Grip Bars, unlike some other barbells, can be placed on standard power racks and are Olympic plate compatible. This sort of bar may assist reduce wrist and shoulder stress while developing the triceps for stronger lockouts during press motions.

The Multi-Grip Bar has a black powder coat finish.

Note - Any metal-to-metal contact with the coated sleeves (such as inserting and removing plates) may result in surface deterioration over time.



Multi neutral-grip / Swiss Bar / Football Bar design
Fully Welded
2 Angled Handles spaced at 10", 4 Vertical Handles spaced at 20" and 28.5."
Handle diameter: 1.25"
Sleeve diameter: 1.91" (compatible with most standard Olympic plates and rackable in most standard power racks)
Loadable Sleeve Length: 14"
Distance Between Collars: 52.75"
Unloaded Weight: 43LB
Black powder coat finish