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Peg Board

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Two grip-friendly wood dowel rods, each measuring 6.5" in length and 1.19" in diameter, and a 1.5" thick board that is 95.625" tall and 11.75" broad make up the wall-mounted Peg Board.

Climbing peg boards, an increasingly popular upper body training equipment, can be a simple but dynamic addition to a tiny garage gym or a large training facility. The design features 35 spaced holes, the wood board's nearly 8-foot height, and six counter-drilled mounting holes. The entire apparatus weighs about 38 pounds.

You can choose between a Standard Peg Board and a Custom Peg Board in addition to the type of wood you want.



Peg Board - No Finishing
No Finish

Peg Board - Finishing
Maple or Pine
Polyurethane Finish


Peg boards may be hung horizontally or vertically. Whatever arrangement you pick, make sure it's mounted to a sturdy wall that can support the weight of the board and any static and dynamic stresses it'll be subjected to.