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Sandbag Kettlebells

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Each can be changed from 1.5kg to 16kg in weight, making it suitable for whatever workout you wish to do. It may also be used as a kettlebell or sandbag. To ensure that the sand stays compact and firm and that the material won't break, BeachBells employ a solid metal ergonomic handle for optimal comfort and the best reinforced durable fabric. Perform various exercises, such as lunges, cleans, presses, squats, carries, deadlifts, and more. Thanks to the unique loading and changeable weight capacity, you may push your body at any fitness level.


Ā Features

Multifunctional. Gain strength, tone muscles, burn calories and reduce weight with this workout.

Durable materials. Embrace the coarseness of the sand and concentrate on the benefits.
The best workout equipment for the beach. Cardio, HIIT, CrossFit, and military training must have this instrument.
Handle made of aluminum. Handles that are tough and comfy and keep up with your training



Color: black
Materials. aluminum, PVC
Product dimensions: 10"H x 30"L x 4"W
Weight: 3lbs to 35lbs