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Wrist Roller

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The Wrist Roller is a forearm and grip strength training equipment that goes beyond standard wrist curls. It comes in both a rack-mounted and a handheld version.

Both variants of the Wrist Roller are made of high-quality steel and come with 2" diameter, 6" handles, and a 58.5" nylon strap with a carabiner.

All of our 3x3" Rack/Power Rack uprights are compatible with the Rack Mount Wrist Roller. For a simple and secure set-up, each Roller comes with shaft collars, a mounting panel, and a detent pin. Because some users won't benefit from a rack to support the Roller in front of them, the portable version has the same design without the collars or mounting portion and may train other muscle groups—particularly the shoulders.



Handheld or rack-mounted solutions are available.
The Rackmount Roller can be used with 3x3" uprights.
15.5" freestanding, 17.5" rack mount total length
Handles are 2" in diameter and 6" wide on both sides of the strap housing.
Black Nylon Strap, 58.5", "which contains a carabiner that is used to connect the weight to the strap once it has been loaded
Color: Black